The new way to hire.

Try "job-ready" construction workers now.

The new way to hire.

Try "job-ready" construction workers now.
No fees or commissions when you hire someone permanently

How Does It Work?

Try a "job-ready" construction worker before hiring them. Get immediate help while evaluating their skills and experience.

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Do you have a project you need construction workers for? Are you trying to grow your team?

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Save time and money by trying "job ready" construction workers on temporary 1-5 day jobs before making a permanent hiring decision.

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Companies need help

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The new way to hire


Try "job ready" construction workers on temporary 1-5 day jobs before making permanent hiring decisions.

How does your company hire? What if it could be faster?

How does your company recruit and hire? What if it could be faster and easier?

Recruiting and hiring new employees traditionally is a long, complex process. It involves sifting through resumes, conducting interviews, and hoping that the chosen candidates will fit well within the company. However, this process can be uncertain and time-consuming, with no guarantee of long-term success.

Imagine a different approach: OndeWork revolutionizes how a company's recruitment and hiring process using 1-5 day OndeJobs. Instead of relying solely on resumes and interviews, companies can see potential employees in action. This hands-on approach allows companies to assess a candidate's skills, work ethic, and fit within the company culture in a real-world context. It's a practical, real-time evaluation that can provide more valuable insights than traditional methods. This approach not only streamlines the recruitment and hiring process but also increases the likelihood of long-term employee retention. By using temporary 1-5 day OndeJobs, companies can transform their hiring process, making it more efficient, effective, and successful.

Use OndeWork to recruit and hire faster. There are no hiring fees, no hidden costs, and no contracts to hire an OndeWorker.

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How much does it cost if a new hire doesn't work out? What if it could cost less?

How much does it cost if a new hire doesn't work out? What if it could cost less?

Recruiting and hiring a new employee is a significant investment for any company. From the recruitment process, training, and onboarding, to the salary and benefits, the costs can quickly add up. However, these costs can skyrocket if the employee decides to leave the company shortly after being hired. The company not only loses the investment made in the employee, but also has to bear the additional costs of finding a replacement. This financial risk is a serious concern for businesses, especially those operating on tight budgets or in highly competitive industries.

Using temporary 1-5 day OndeJobs can be a game-changer for companies looking to save money. OndeWork can help you find try potential hires quickly, and are paid only for the hours they work. OndeWork's approach not only reduces the financial risk associated with hiring permanent employees, but also provides the company with the flexibility to scale up or down based on project requirements. In a rapidly changing business environment, the ability to adapt quickly and cost-effectively is a significant advantage.

Use OndeWork to save money. There are no hiring fees, no hidden costs, and no contracts to hire an OndeWorker.

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Does your company have a probationary period? What if it wasn't needed?

Does your company have a probationary period? What if it wasn't needed?

OndeWork's 'try before hiring' solution can offer significant financial benefits. This approach allows you to assess an individual's skills, work ethic, and fit within your team on a temporary 1-5 day job without the long-term financial commitment of a full-time salary, benefits, and potential severance costs. If and OndeWorker proves to be a strong match, OndeWork's 'try before hiring' solution can lead to increased productivity and reduced turnover, saving your company money in the long run. Conversely, if an individual is not the right fit, you can part ways at the end of the temporary 1-5 OndeJob without incurring the substantial costs associated with a bad hire.

In addition to the financial savings, using temporary 1-5 day jobs can also save your company valuable time. The hiring process can be lengthy and time-consuming, particularly when it comes to finding the right candidate for a specific role. Using temporary 1-5 day OndeJobs, you can quickly determine whether a candidate is the right fit for the role and the company culture. This can significantly reduce the time spent on multiple rounds of interviews, reference checks, and onboarding processes for individuals who may not work out in the end. Furthermore, if the OndeJob is successful, an OndeWorker can transition into the role more seamlessly, reducing the time needed for training and integration.

Use OndeWork to save time. There are no hiring fees, no hidden costs, and no contracts to hire an OndeWorker.

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Job-ready workers represent individuals seeking careers and who have taken significant steps to demonstrate their elevate their employability and immediate productivity within the workplace. By acquiring industry-relevant tickets and certifications, these individuals have the aptitude and attitude to be valuable to a team in various roles. Their initiative in upskilling demonstrates not only a commitment to personal growth but also an understanding of the practical requirements and safety standards essential in today’s job market. This foresight ensures they can hit the ground running, seamlessly integrating into new projects and teams from day one.

Every OndeWorker who accepts a job is considered a temporary or non-permanent worker. This means that a Job Owner is responsible for:

  • Work or project schedules and number of hours
  • Workplace location
  • The assignment of specific job tasks
  • Providing the equipment or tools needed to complete the work
  • Training and management of job tasks
  • Safety and protection while working on job tasks

This also means that an OndeWorker is responsible for:

  • Completing the job tasks required to be paid
  • Being responsible for the quality and care of job tasks being completed
  • Paying their taxes and other related costs

At any time, a Job Owner can offer to employ or add an OndeWorker to their company payroll as a full-time or part-time employee with no costs or payout penalties.

Each OndeWorker that accepts a job is covered by the workers' compensation insurance policy of the Job Owner.

As temporary and casual workers (also referred to as seasonal or non-permanent workers) are working for a Job Owner under their respective safety programs and/or management, they are covered under their policy. When an Job Owner posts a job, OndeWork interviews them to ensure they have worker's compensation coverage and safety guidelines that they follow for their employed staff which temporary and casual workers would be required to adhere to as well.

Safety is of utmost importance for temporary and casual workers that we hope become permanent team members for a Job Owner.

Job Owners are provided access to the annual earnings for any OndeWork they use for reporting purposes.

We use Stripe as our payment provider. You can learn more about them here:

When a job is posted, the Job Owner will pre-pay the cost via a credit card. Once the job is completed, funds are released to the OndeWorker(s), and a receipt is automatically emailed to the Job Owner.

If a job is not filled or responded to by OndeWorkers, the Job Owner is refunded 100% with no questions asked or fees deducted.

At any time, a Job Owner can cancel the future shifts for a job and receive a full refund for those shifts.

Should any disagreement or conflicts arise during a shift on a job, the Job Owner can open a dispute, and funds will be held until the dispute is resolved by both the worker and the Job Owner.

An OndeWorker can open a dispute for any active shifts, and funds will be held until the dispute is resolved.

Our support team can help with any disputes, payment, or refund issues.

If you post a job and there are no OndeWorkers interested in accepting your job, your job will be cancelled and the hold will be removed from your credit card.