'PRESS RELEASE: OndeWork Now Available in Vancouver, BC and Edmonton, AB'

PRESS RELEASE: OndeWork Now Available in Vancouver, BC and Edmonton, AB

“We believe OndeWork.com has the power to positively change and disrupt the conventional hiring and recruitment options available to companies that need low-skilled workers”

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Onde stands for On-Demand jobs and workers

On demand workers allows companies to quickly and easily access the workers they need to complete projects on time and on budget. With on demand workers, companies can hire as needed, rather than having to maintain a full-time workforce. This allows them to be more flexible and responsive to changes in the market, and to better manage their labour costs.
Quickly access workers to complete projects on time and on budget
On demand jobs are a great opportunity for workers who are looking to upskill, as it allows them to take on new projects and earn additional income without having to commit to full-time employment. This can provide them with more flexibility and control over their work, and can help them to build their skills and experience.
Workers can upskill and earn additional income
A unique aspect of using OndeWork, is that a company and a worker can evaluate each other before committing to a permanent relationship. Companies can hire workers with no fees or costs and there are no contracts to break. Our goal is to make it easy for workers to find companies that are growing and for companies to find workers that are looking to upskill or find permanent employment.
Companies and Workers can evaluate each other
We believe OndeWork is an important tool for many small businesses, as it enables companies to be more agile and efficient, and allows workers to take on new opportunities and earn additional income.
Companies can grow

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