About Us

Why OndeWork?

We help companies grow their teams using on-demand workers.

Our mission is to help workers connect with growing companies.

Our vision is to help companies and workers unlock their potential.

There are thousands of unfilled jobs and thousands of unemployed people. Unfilled jobs leave millions of dollars unearned by companies and people alike. Companies can only grow when they find people to work with, and people can only earn income if they can work. It takes time to solve these challenges, and companies that can attract and recruit workers quickly will grow faster than their competitors. People that are readily available also earn income faster. Companies must reduce the time and resources required to connect with workers and fill job positions to grow.

For a company that needs workers, posting open positions on job boards and websites means crafting a job description, waiting for responses, evaluating responses, conducting interviews, and hoping the final decision is the right one. A company will include a probationary period to assess a worker before offering a permanent position. For an individual that needs work, responding to open job postings requires applying to as many as possible in hopes of being selected for an interview and ultimately being hired. Both companies and individuals spend a lot of time and resources trying to find each other, with the probability of success being very low. The technology used by job boards and websites facilitates the introduction of a company and a worker but still needs to reduce the effort required to produce a successful outcome.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, using a temporary staffing agency requires that companies and individuals sign contracts that include fees and penalties if broken and compensate agencies for the time, resources, and profit an agency needs to connect both parties. The probability of success is relatively low for specific categories of workers, such as low-skilled workers. For a company, the financial cost is higher than that of a job board or website, as the hourly wage charged by an agency for a worker is more significant than what a company would otherwise pay. The fees associated with permanently hiring a worker can result in workers not being employed due to the costs related to breaking the contract. Agencies use humans to facilitate the introduction of a company and a worker, but they need to reduce the cost and time required to produce a successful outcome.

Companies need to grow.

Companies exist to be profitable and create value. Companies are profitable based on their ability to manage the people and resources associated with delivering their products or services to the market. Finding the right people to do the right jobs has always been challenging because there are so many people to choose from. Companies that have grown successfully have invested in strategies and processes to attract and recruit people with the skills and experience they need or the potential they have.

Companies with less than 20 staff have the most significant challenge in attracting and recruiting new people. Being unable to pay competitive wages or offer the same stability and benefits as their larger counterparts means small companies must work harder to attract and recruit people. Part of the solution involves offering flexibility, freedom, and autonomy. Another aspect of the solution consists of providing instant job opportunities that pay instantly upon completion, a competitive advantage that large companies cannot compete with based on their size and internal bureaucratic processes.

People need to work.

People need to earn a living using their skills and experience. Finding the right job that uses their specific skills and experience is challenging because many jobs are available. Searching for the right job takes time and effort, resulting in frustration and disappointment. For people to successfully find work, they need to be noticeable and stand out from the crowd, which is hard to do for positions that do not require a unique skillset or experience. Resumes present someone’s history but do not provide real-time insights like a temporary job would. There is no better method for determining someone’s skills and experience than trying them out.

People who found the best jobs usually had a trusted source refer them or were available to be evaluated by working temporarily. A person who is available and recommended by a trusted source will find work and earn money faster than someone who isn’t.

On-demand jobs.

There was a time when companies that needed workers would hire them on the spot and pay them when the day was over. An opportunity exists for companies to reimagine how they attract and recruit workers and for individuals to reimagine how they can demonstrate their skills and experience to companies. Using on-demand jobs, companies can instantly get the help they need while evaluating an individual. An individual can instantly earn money while assessing how well their skills and experience match what a company needs. Using a technology platform to connect companies and workers immediately means the time and costs associated with on-demand jobs are a fraction of the cost associated with job boards, job websites, and temporary staffing agencies.

The future of work is evolving and will benefit the companies and individuals that can embrace the changes.